Keokuk Christian Academy

KCA Begins Homebound Instruction

In following Governor Reynold's advice, KCA will not be meeting during the month of April.

Covid-19 Response


Dear KCA Families,

As the covid-19 situation continues to change, we are doing everything that we can to keep KCA families safe and play our part to do what is best for the community.

The school board and I have decided to follow the guidance given to public schools and not have regular school or preschool. The governor's current recommendation is to resume classes no sooner than April 10.

We are still leaving the option open to operate differently than public schools in the future, but at this time we cannot do this with confidence.

The teachers have known that this is a decision that we might have to make. Until at least April 10, KCA will be switching to home bound instruction. We want to help students and parents know what to expect for this change.

I have prepared a Google slides presentation explaining what this will look like for grades K-12. Please watch this presentation on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or using the "Google Slides" app installed on your phone. (The slides contain audio. You may be able to access the slides on your phone without the app, but the audio may not function.)

Click Here for the Link to the Presentation…/1YpNhRuEkHZhBj_-S2AWV0V8Qee…/edit…

What's Next

By Monday evening (3/30), your classroom teacher will contact your family to give additional guidance. By Tuesday evening (3/31), KCA will send a separate e-mail with specific schedules for packet pickup and grading instructions.

Yours in Christian education,

Cullen Hartley

[Note: A longer version of this message was sent to our e-mail list that contained inquiries about finances and unmet childcare needs. Call our office at 319-524-5752 with any questions.]

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